4.5 kg Australian Garlic, Certified Organic


4.5 kg of our Australian Garlic, certified organic Italian Late cultivar.

This fresh garlic has a full robust flavour for all things delicious, and is ready for all your culinary and growing needs.

It is grown in Freshwater Creek, Victoria and stores well into August/September when stored in the right conditions.

Store in a light airy place: not in direct sunlight and not in the dark or fridge.

For Growers: we plant this variety in Southern Victoria in April-June and harvest in mid December. It’s mainly grown in northern SA and Victoria, Southern NSW. But also southern Victoria, Tasmania and WA as well as Northern NSW. For more information on this garlic variety click here. Australian Garlic Website

For growing tips: Growing Garlic

We offer this box at 4.5 kg to take advantage of Australia Posts 5kg mailing box (which includes the packaging) at a flat rate across Australia (except WA or SA due to bio-security restrictions) .

4.5 kg is @ 76-90 bulbs, average weight 50g each bulb

$ 45/kg

Out of stock

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 28 × 14 cm
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