Q: Where can I buy your garlic?

Online at our secure and easy Freshwater Creek Garlic Shop

OR in person at Torquay Farmers Market and Aireys Inlet Market.

Q: What varieties of garlic do you have?

Just one, Italian Late, more information here

Q: Can I drop by & pick up from your Farm Shop?

No we don’t have a Farm Shop…

You can securely place your order online and at checkout…

EITHER select Farm Gate Pick Up, and select a date that suits you,

OR select Mail Delivery with Express Post,

OR drop by in person to Torquay Farmers Market and Aireys Inlet Market.

Q: Can I plant your garlic as well as cook with it?

Yes you can, this the same garlic we plant and eat.

Q: What’s the difference between normal garlic and seed stock?

Only size. Seed stock is generally the best and biggest cloves from the biggest bulbs, but any healthy clove from a good quality bulb can be succesfully planted, (assuming it’s not been irradiated or sprayed to delay sprouting). But it is critical to select a garlic variety that suits your local growing climate (ie cold, temperate, sub tropical or tropical) and prepare your garlic bed ahead of time – here’s how we grow ours.

Q: How many bulbs do I need for planting?

Plan on 8-12 fat cloves per bulb (& eat the skinny ones), plant late April into May/early June and harvest in December.

Q: Can you give me some guidance on growing your garlic?

Yes, have a read of our Growing page on our website

Q: Do you ship interstate?

Yes we can ship fresh garlic across Australia except to WA and TAS (due to bio-security restrictions).

Our freeze-dried garlic can be shipped Australia wide.

Q: Is your garlic chemical free?

Our garlic is grown without the use of herbicides, weed suppressants, hormones or antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Freshwater Creek Garlic grows from our own non-Genetically Modified certified organic seed. How, what and where we grow is audited, tested and independently certified to be organically grown. Every part of our farming is considered, tested and audited by ACO Certification to the Australian Certified Organic Standards (ACOS) 2021.

Q: Why is mail delivery so costly?

We use Australia Post mail Express Post service and their standard mail boxes, charged at cost – we don’t add any extra fees to delivery. The cardboard mail boxes ensures orders are not damaged enroute. We use Express Post service to ensure you will be receiving your order quickly and fresh garlic isn’t stuck in the mail for days or even weeks.

Q: How quickly do you ship orders?

Orders are shipped within two business days of receiving an order.

Q: Where do I pick up my Farm Gate Order from?

A confirmation of your order is emailed immediately when you place your order online, and includes the farm gate address.

Q: How do I store my garlic?

In a dry, light place at room temperature with lots of air around it.

Notes: *Not in direct sunlight **Not in the dark or in the fridge as it will encourage early sprouting. Nor in a plastic bag or a sealed container as this may encourage mould to grow.

As soon as your fresh garlic arrives, remove it from its mailing box.

This garlic variety will keep through to August when stored in the right conditions. 

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