Our Story

Hi There!

We are a small certified-organic garlic farm in Freshwater Creek, just 10 minutes from Torquay and the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

Back in 2010, we started with a few spare garlic bulbs and plenty of passion along with lots of hard work. We love growing culinary garlic for your kitchen, as well as seed stock for people to grow their own garlic. With our full flavour freeze dried garlic, we can now have our garlic all year round.

Freshwater Creek has a temperate climate, moderate winters and an average rainfall of @ 550 mm a year. We grow the garlic variety Italian Late, a soft neck garlic with a robust flavour that is good with everything. This variety has a good storage capacity of up to 8 months after harvest, it stores well from December through to August each year. Bulbs are medium to large size with 13-17 cloves per bulb.

When you buy Freshwater Creek Garlic you are assured of the best garlic that tastes wonderful and is certified-organic. We are dedicated to growing the most sensational garlic for your culinary needs.


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