Freeze Dried Organic Garlic

This is dried garlic like you’ve never tasted before. Melt in the mouth full garlic flavour…

Our Certified Organic 100% Australian Freshwater Creek Garlic is now available as freeze-dried chopped or powdered garlic. It’s simply wonderful every time, all year round, especially that time of year when fresh Australian garlic isn’t available for a few months. Or when you just don’t have the time or inclination to peel and chop garlic.

Our freeze dried Freshwater Creek Garlic is so full of incredible garlic flavour, its very easy to use and always handy in the pantry whenever you need it.

How do I use Freshwater Creek Garlic dried garlic?

Our dried garlic is easy to use, no peeling, chopping or soaking required. Use in all your cooking in place of fresh garlic for a full delicious garlic flavour without the hardness or bitterness of conventional dried garlic. 1g replaces a whole clove so it’s very economical. Just add to your dish to your taste. Use anywhere you would use fresh garlic and enjoy.

How do I store Freshwater Creek Garlic dried garlic?

Keep this product dry. Its 100% organic and does not contain any anti-caking agent or other additives. How do we keep it dry and fresh? We put one or two tablespoonfuls in a little jar for daily use, keeping the main zip locked bag fully sealed.

How do you make freeze-dried garlic?

We peel and chop our fresh organic garlic and then dry it using freeze drying technology. And it is certified organic. Freeze drying removes the water but doesn’t impact the quality of the flavour. Heat is not used so there’s no reduction in flavour or other side effects found in other dried garlic. Nothing is added. No preservatives. No Colours. No Flavours. Simply the best garlic.

Ingredients: Garlic. Certified Organic. 100% Australian.

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